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And expect to be tested on your outdoor athleticism on the very first date, no matter what time of year it is. Portland has the basketball team, Seattle the football team, and we put aside our longstanding soccer rivalry anytime either team plays outside of Cascadia. Regional pride! Washington has the morose grunge and riot grrl scene, while Portland is the home of equally dour folk and indie bands. The Man to get the whole vibe of what Oregonians grew up with and into. Lay down some Esperanza Spalding or some Pink Martini if you really feel like showing off. Six years of outdoors school and nearly three decades of camping in the wilderness without a dry piece of timber for miles means she could set Crater Lake on fire with a flint and a couple of pine cones. Oregon weather and fashion sensibilities require at least a dozen hoodies to survive, and many of them are relics from loves lost long ago.

Rare Pacific Northwest artifacts lost in Brazil museum fire

Although scientific recognition of the earthquake hazards presented by the Cascadia subduction zone CSZ is relatively recent, Native Americans have lived on the Cascadia coast for thousands of years, transferring knowledge from generation to generation through storytelling Ludwin et al. The s was a decade of discovery of evidence for great earthquakes in the Cascadia Region. Tom Heaton and Hiroo Kanamori published a paper asserting the Cascadia Subduction Zone was indeed actively deforming and is likely to produce great earthquakes.

in the temperate climate of the North American Pacific Northwest (PNW) in Dating the Cryptococcus gattii Dispersal to the North American Pacific.

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The Cascadia subduction zone in the Pacific Northwest is known for two things — earthquakes and tsunamis. Most people, however, are unaware that most of the damage from a magnitude 9 earthquake will be from landslides. Despite this looming threat, there is a general lack of understanding of how earthquakes affect the landscape in the Pacific Northwest.

The University of Washington Information School will be exhibiting at this year’s virtual Idealist Fair-Pacific Northwest though the Brazen platf.

By Carrie Scozzaro. After meeting online, their first date was at an essential business — hardware, how romantic. I admired my friend’s moxie. A few months later, I’d warmed to the idea of dating again. OK, I admitted to my somewhat introverted, love-my-single-life-self, I missed dating, especially the way it used to be. There, I said it. I miss getting gussied up for a good lookin’ fellow — three weeks since I shaved my legs, really? Wearing lipstick not needed under a mask.

Talking in a normal voice, whispering even is he angry? He seems angry. Or maybe he’s just yelling because he’s 6 feet away from me. And if there’s a way to Zoom without making either one’s nostrils or forehead ridiculously huge, please share.

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Emergency: E : SecurityInfo spu. When you see the red flags of relationship violence,. Intimate Partner Violence IPV describes physical violence, sexual violence, stalking and psychological aggression including coercive acts by a current or former intimate partner. Examples of intimate partners include current or former spouses, boyfriends or girlfriends, dating partners, or sexual partners. IPV can occur between heterosexual or same-sex couples and does not require sexual intimacy.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Guy, 35 Chief Outdoor Officer at World University of Phoenix (Outdoor Campus) Distance Unknown. Just a fun-loving PNW guy and.

Show Your Parents! Book reviews by me. Critics of poly. Relationship anarchy. Showtime Season 1. Showtime Season 2.

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Jen Au downloaded Bumble and OkCupid after her friends dared her to go on 10 dates with 10 different men. Within a month, she had completed the dare, gone on 10 dates and was entirely worn out — with no love in sight. Not this, not this.

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The emergence of Cryptococcus gattii , previously regarded as a predominantly tropical pathogen, in the temperate climate of the North American Pacific Northwest PNW in prompted several questions. The most prevalent among these was the timing of the introduction of this pathogen to this novel environment. Here, we infer tip-dated timing estimates for the three clonal C. We estimated the nucleotide substitution rate for each lineage 1.

The clonal nature of the PNW C. Our results suggest that the mean time to most recent common ancestor for all three sublineages occurred within the last 60 to years. While the cause of C. These studies lead to the general conclusion that the subtypes identified likely emerged out of Brazil. Here, we conducted genomic dating analyses to determine the ages of the various lineages seen in the PNW and propose hypothetical causes for the dispersal events.

Bayesian evolutionary analysis strongly suggests that these independent fungal populations in the PNW are all 60 to years old, providing a timing that is subsequent to the opening of the Panama Canal, which allowed for more direct shipping between Brazil and the western North American coastline, a possible driving event for these fungal translocation events. Keywords: Cryptococcus; genomics; molecular epidemiology; mycology. Abstract The emergence of Cryptococcus gattii , previously regarded as a predominantly tropical pathogen, in the temperate climate of the North American Pacific Northwest PNW in prompted several questions.

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Divorce often takes the life to which you have grown accustomed and turns it upside down. You may feel uncertain, confused, lost, and lonely at various points during your divorce proceedings. As a result of all of this chaos in your life, it is no wonder that you want start dating and move toward a happier and more stable life.

Dating before your divorce has finished, however, is a bad idea for many reasons. First, if your spouse is not as ready to move on with life as you are, he or she may become angry or jealous of any new dating relationships that you develop.

dating app and will be a panelist when The Great Love Debate podcast returns to the Pacific Northwest later this month. dating_in_seattle.

The Northwest has a long history of white supremacist groups, dating back to Klan activity in the s and the rise of the Aryan Nations in the s. What makes them so different in modern times? White supremacist hate groups overall — the Northwest has about the same level of presence as you would find in most other places in the country.

The Northwest has a real history of it. That vision has never gone away. The actual hate groups might be more common over here. They do talk about killing blacks, immigrants and Muslims a lot — and of course those are usually the primary victims of hate crimes. But lately I would say the number one people that they talk about killing are mainstream liberals. They want to have a civil war. If you try to convince them that their conspiracy theories are wrong, you become part of the conspiracy.

And it has to be done with empathy and it has to be done very slowly and painfully.

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Cozy up to the bar on a cold day to sip on a red wine — specifically pinot noir, the grape that put the Willamette Valley on the map for wine connoisseurs around the globe. Travel south along the coast for a cheese-filled day at Tillamook Creamery. The newly reimagined Tillamook Creamery offers self-guided tours of the factory, complete with cheese samples, interactive kiosks, a cafe, and of course, lots of ice cream. For an intimate and upscale dining experience, look no further than Newmans at , an elegant eatery housed in a beachside cottage with only 10 tables.

That’d be the Pacific Northwest. A partner from Washington knows all the best local brews. 6. Washingtonians Have A Serious Artsy Side. The.

Mussi has been on-and-off single for nearly 15 years while Resto has been single in Seattle for the past three years. We find a spot to sit down, I grab my pen, and turn on my recorder. He offers to buy me a beer, but I decline. We both get our own drinks because this is not a date. A little embarrassed, Mussi realized he spent a lot of time swiping on dating apps. His project was born.