THEN AND NOW: The cast of ‘The Hunger Games’ 8 years later

Subscriber Account active since. Jennifer Lawrence , Josh Hutcherson , and Liam Hemsworth weren’t new to Hollywood when they starred in the franchise, but the success and passionate fan base further elevated their star power. In the eight years since “THG” was released, the cast has gone on to star in other shows and movies, direct projects, and even get married. Keep reading to find out exactly what the stars of “The Hunger Games” have been up to. Lawrence is also an Oscar winner and Golden Globes recipient. In , she took home the Academy Award for best actress in a leading role for her role as Tiffany in “Silver Linings Playbook. His crush on Katniss started when he was a child, and the couple later had two kids together a son and a daughter.

The 11 Most Ridiculous Rumors About J. Law

Whether you aspire to have a bestie relationship just like theirs or whether you secretly think they should get married already, I think everyone can agree that Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are totally perfect for one another. Heck, they might even be soulmates — platonically, of course, but their weirdo friend chemistry is seriously undeniable.

Over the last three years since “The Hunger Games” first hit theaters, it’s been a joy to watch JLaw and the Hutch bicker, hug, finish each others’ sentences and just be total goofballs with each other — and as they told MTV News at Comic-Con , the magic isn’t going to end with “Mockingjay Part 2” because they hang out literally all the time.

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For someone who people supposedly love, there sure are a lot of ridiculous rumors out there about Jennifer Lawrence. She stays under the radar most of the time, only coming out when she has a project to promote, so that gives everyone plenty of time to get their little wheels spinning about what she might be up to and who she might be up to it with. And since the actress doesn’t often respond to the claims about her in tabloids, they tend to escalate and escalate, until all of a sudden Did you hear??

She’s pregnant with a baby, and no one knows whether it’s Bradley Cooper’s or Josh Hutcherson’s because it was the result of a threesome! I’m sure none of us fans are proud of how gossip-y we are when it comes to spreading stories about J. Law, but since she’s such a warm, approachable celebrity, I think it’s easy to forget that she isn’t actually our friend, and that we don’t actually know her.

So, unlike a normal person would react when they hear some gossip that you spread about them, Jennifer Lawrence can’t show up at each of our houses and bang down our doors and demand that we get our stories straight. First of all, because that’s not her job, and second of all, because there are just so many tall tales out there in the wind.

Here are just a few of the most ridiculous rumors out there about J. After a rumor went around the Internet that Lawrence and Russell got into a screaming match on the set of their latest film, Lawrence actually took to Facebook to shoot it down.

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Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson have the best friendship ever, and here’s the proof.

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Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson’s dating chemistry onscreen even earned them the name ‘Joshifer’. It’s special, unique. We’re both very comfortable acting like joshifer people,” he said. He’s like a year-old wise, old man. I love Josh. He’s like, a genius-genius. Tagged: fanfiction , jennifer lawrence , josh hutcherson , photograph hunger games. Reply Thread Link. Jennifer isn’t even the type of girl he usually goes for.

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